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Drinking Post is an automatic frost-free waterer. The bowl fills with fresh water each time the paddle is pushed, and all the water drains away when the paddle is released. The base of the Post sits 18″ below the frostline and connects directly to a pressurized waterline, providing a frost-free water supply all year round. 

No standing water..

The drinking post is unique to normal automatic waterers because it fills and then empties on every use. This means that there is never any standing water in the bowl or the post thus eliminating most watering issues. Freezing, algae, bacteria, debris, bugs, slime, and water-borne illnesses are no longer a problem!

Just push the paddle!

To operate the Drinking Post, a thirsty animal simply presses their nose on the paddle. When the paddle is pushed, water will begin to fill the bowl immediately and a full bowl will fill in 5-10 seconds. When they’re finished, they’ll release the paddle and walk away. The water will begin to drain immediately and will drain completely in under a minute.

There is also no risk of mains contamination! This is due to the fact that the valve in the Drinking Post features a gravity-fed drain, which allows the unused water to drain out separately from the water intake line. The water just falls down through the unit and into the soakaway below the Drinking Post. NO STANDING WATER = NO BACKFLOW CONTAMINATION.

Maximum Headcount per Drinking Post is 25 ANIMALS

Sit a Drinking Post on a fence line to serve two paddocks

Will your animals know how to use it?
Yes! Training is quick and here is a guide to help you get them started. 

Training Guide for the Drinking Post

Some molasses on the paddle can be a great motivator for animals to play with the paddle

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