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Installation Drinking Post Diagram

All you need is a pressurized water connection - Optimum Water Pressure Requirement: 25-65 PSI

Anything 5 PSI to 25 PSI (minimum 5 PSI) will need a Low Pressure Valve

Anything over 65 PSI will need a Pressure Reducer.  

Installing the Drinking Post is very easy and straightforward and each post comes with instructions.


The most important part of installation is making sure the base of the Drinking Post is at least 18” (46 cm) below the local frostline. Make sure you order a long enough Drinking Post to accomplish that – please contact us if you are unsure.


You will then need to install a soakaway directly below the Post which is where the water will drain into. The soakaway will be made of washed rock (anything from pea-sized gravel to 1″ river rock, you can buy it washed or hose it off before installation).


You will cover the soakaway with a landscaping fabric (or a roofing paper or Geo-Textile fabric). The soakaway must be built to our minimum dimensions which is 3′ x 3′ x 1′ deep (91.5 cm x 91.5 cm x 30.5 cm deep).


If you have clay in your soil (or anything else that will make drainage more difficult like large rocks), you will want to over build your soakaway.

As long as your Drinking Post is deep enough and your soakaway is big enough, you won’t have any issues. ​​

If you have a high water table, please give us a call. A high water table can interfere with the functioning of the Drinking Post. 

It's not a good idea to have concrete right up next to the Drinking Post. This could lead to PVC cracking as it changes with the temperature. Ideally, there would be about a 1" gap between the waterer and the concrete. 

Drinking Post installation - Matt Jobe.jpg

What size do you need to order?


The above ground height of your post is really your preference but Drinking Post recommends shoulder height to the animal to avoid manure deposits! The post can be lower to the ground if you prefer and if so, we recommend popping some tyres over the post or installing the post on a fence line.

Based on the average UK frost line, we recommend:


 6' posts (3' above ground) or 5' (2' above ground)


5' posts (2' above ground)

Pigs, sheep and goats 

4' posts (1' above ground) 

For most parts of the UK the frost line is approximately 18" or 4500mm, however please make your own enquiries with your local authority or plumber

Drinking Post Size = frostline depth + above ground height + 18 inches!

Alternatively please visit Drinking Post Size Calculator to work out which size or send us a message!

Size Selector Drinking Post

Where can the Drinking Post be installed?

The Drinking Post can be installed anywhere you have a pressurized water connection. This includes fields, meadows, barns, paddocks, sheds, runs, stables, in the fence line… literally ANYWHERE!

Highland Cow Drinking Post
Drinking Post Water Trough
Cow Drinking Post Waterer
Cattle Drinking Post
Goat Drinking Post
Pigs using Drinking Post Automatic Water
Horse using Drinking Post Automatic Waterer
Foal Drinking Post
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